Caterpillar Machines

Our belt type caterpillars can be used as pulling and pushing units on the lines and also to supply tension of cable on the line (not for tension controlling, for synchronization). We are also able to produce special caterpillars according to customer requests, like portable caterpillars used on field during laying of cable.

Standard Features

Worm and helical gears are supplying more tightness.
Opening and closing of upper and lower belts are seperately controlled with special pistons with rollers.
Belt tension is controlled with pneumatic pistons.
Driven from both belts.
Tension and speed is controlled with compact AC motor.
Entrance and exit zones has adjustable guiding rollers.
Easiness of maintanence and servicing by usage of standard parts and sub-systems mostly available on the market.


Meter Counter
Dual Driven: Both pulling belts are driven with seperate compact AC motors which enables to work with higher speeds. Also used except multi-speed gearbox when different pulling forces are necessary.
Multi-Speed Gearbox (Catep): In case diameter of cable produced on the line is larger than 40 mm or more and when cable has to be kept tight between units without any curving.

Machine Code Max Cable Dia. (mm) Pulling Force (Kg) Belt Press Length (mm) No of Pressing Cylinders Belt Width (mm) Motor Power (kW) Gear (optional)
CA500 30 200 500 6 60 2,5 3
CA750 40 300 750 6 80 5 3
CA1200 80 800 1200 8 100 8 4
CA1600 100 1500 1600 12 120 10 4
CA2500 200 2500 2500 16 160 14 4-6
CA3000 250 3000 3000 16 200 16 4-6
*We are able to produce special caterpillars except these standard specs.
** Important Note: Data given above are for standard units and only for informative purposes. In case machines are procured in a line configuration, according to technical data and requirements of final product, our company is keeping its rights reserved to make modification on these data without any prior modification.

For Information and Requests

For detailed information, your questions and requests please contact us. Our sales team will reply you in the shortest time.