Portal Take-Ups

Portal (Column) Type Take-Ups

TTU Series
Reel are placed and fixed between pintles. Pintle adaptor gives ability to use a wide range of different flange sizes and types of reels.
Standard machines are able to use reels flange diameters between 1000 mm to 3500 mm. Maximum weight of reel in this series is 15,000 Kgs.
Pintles are opened and closed with help of motors. Leveling (raising/lowering) of reels are also done by motors with reducers.
Machine is working with torque control mode or with speed control mode via dancer/accumulator (sold seperately). Machine has a modular design to enable machine to work on a wide range of production lines with different options.
Portal Type Take-Ups are assembled on rails which enables machines to move right and left.
Traversing mechanism: Traversing speed is controlled and adjusted with position controlled steps. With the diameter information received from the line, traversing speed is also adjusted automatically (for complete Savsan lines). Machine also enables operator to adjust manually.
Dancer or Accumulator to work with Speed Mode
Control panel with long arm
Touchscreen control panel for all controls
Cage with magnetic lock and safety laser sensors
CE Certificate
Servo traversing motor for better accuracy of winding
Or.No. Size Flange Dia. min/max (mm) Core Dia. min/max (mm) Reel Width min/max (mm) Reel Weight max(Kg) Motor Power (kW)
1 DPO/PO 1250 600/1250 250/630 175/950 3000 4.7
2 DPO/PO 1600 600/1600 250/800 475/1180 5000 7.7
3 DPO/PO 2000 100/2000 560/1250 550/1360 5000 5
4 DPO/PO 2200 1250/2200 560/1400 550/1450 8000 8
5 DPO/PO 2500 1250/2500 560/1600 550/1450 10000 10
6 DPO/PO 3000 1500/3000 560/1900 850/2100 15000 12
7 DPO/PO 3250 1600/3200 800/1900 850/2100 15000 14
8 DPO/PO 3500 1600/3500 1140/2000 850/2100 20000 18
Data given above are for standard units and only for informative purposes. In case machines are procured in a line configuration, according to technical data and requirements of final product, our company is keeping its rights reserved to make modification on these data without any prior modification.

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