BD-600 Series Full Servo T-Shape Production Line

All BD600 Series machines are produced with servo motor system. The machine can produce from Newborn Size to Junior XL size. Diapers produced are eared type and if our customer does not make a special choice, they are designed as T-Shape. The ear structure can be designed in different types in line with customer requests.
It is produced with the new generation Zero-Waste rear ear system.
There are 2 feeding places for all raw materials on the machine. One of them is working while the other is a substitute for raw material exchange. There are units on the line that perform raw material exchange automatically without losing speed and stopping.
If desired, lotion and perfume can be added to the diapers (option).
All automation and line control software used on the line are made by our company.

For Information and Requests

Our baby diaper production lines are produced unique for each customer according to their diaper designs. For detailed information, your questions and requests please contact us. Our sales team will reply you in the shortest time.