Flyer (Sputnik) Type Payoff

It is the unit that unloads copper wire / insulated cable to the line. Unit can be produced as single or dual reel body.
Dual Flyer payoff units enable small diameter insulated cables or wires to fed to the line with high speeds without stopping or slowing down during reel changes.
Ending edge of Cable / Wire / Conductor on one reel is welded to beginning edge of the material on the other reel. By this way material on one reel is chaged with material on the other reel without any slowing down or stopping. By this way reel changing is done automatically when one reel reaches to the ending edge of the material.
This type of payoff units are suiteble to use with mono wire conductors up to 4 mm of diameters. Unit is not suitable for larger diameter conductors.
Multi wire conductors up to 4 mm diameters can be unloaded by direction selectable motor type payoff with rotating trays. For customers willing to use multiwire conductors, we are recommending payoff unit with motors.
Flyer payoff units can be delivered with or without motor according to customer request. Units with motors can reach speeds up to 800 meters/minute. As an option, unwinding direction of the wire/cable is selectable from motor.
Reel elevation function is selectable by customer: manually with a hydraulic system; or with motor.

Dressage Unit: It is the unit with rollers placed for straightening of the wire unloaded from the reel before entering extrusion head.
Magnetic Tension Control Unit: It is a tension control unit with electrically adjusted magnetic brake that allows the unloaded wire to enter the extrusion head at the desired tension.

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