Gantry Type Pay-off

Gantry type pay-off units have very strong structures to unwind heavy and large reels. This type of pay-off units are suitable for a large reel size range from 1000 mm flange diameter to 5000 mm flange diameter. Full reel weights can go up to 30000 Kg (30 tons).
Reels are placed between pintles via pintle adaptors. Reel leveling and lowering is done via gearbox motors. Pintles arms are suitable to move seperately. By this waw reel loading and unloading can be done easier with less effort and time.
Pay-Off is able to feed cable/wire to center of the line by moving on its special rails placed inside tower side of the unit.
Unwinding can be done via brake system or via motor by reverse torque. If used with dancer or accumulator unit also can unwind in speed mode up to 20 mm diameters.

Dancer or Accumulator to work with Speed Mode
Long Arm Control Panel
Touchscreen Control Panel
Cage with magnetic lock and Laser Sensor for Safety
CE Certificate

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