MT Series Capstans

MT series capstans are pulling cables through high speed lines. With the help of its design, it is extending the active cooling distance of cable while saving from place. Main body of the capstan unit is made up from stainless steel and all equipment on the line are produced from corrosion free water resistant materials. Inside the capstan unit, there are nozzles placed to make active cooling of cables enabling to use shorter cooling throughs on the high speed lines. In standard MT Series units, cooling length is up to 80 meters. Unit is able to work up to line speed of 1800 meters/minute and 20 mm of cable diameter.
Cover of the unit is opened and closed with the help of pneumatic pistons. On the cover, there two windows are placed in order to able operator to see the cable inside the unit during work.

Capacitance Assembly
Air Tank

KP Series Capstans

This type of capstans can be produced with single or dual pulleys. In dual pulley capstans, one of the pulleys are driven and the other pulley is idle. According to the cable to be produced, pulleys are positioned off the axis (occupies less space) or assembled on the same axis. Standard capstans are used for cable diameters up to 20 mm and line speeds up to 400 meter/minute.

Fiber Capstans

Pulling force is controlled with precision. It enables movement of fiber optic cable on the line without any elongation or loss of technical specs of cable. In the unit, there is a pressing belt that blocks sliding of cable during pulling. 

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