Solar (Photovoltaic, PV) Cables Insulation Lines

These lines are designed to produce Solar (Photovoltaic, PV) cables. Lines are able to reach up to 300 m/min production speed with options
One the line two pay-offs, two vertical accumulators, two extruders, two caterpillars and two take-ups in order to make reel changes without stopping the line.
Solar cables from 0.75mm2 to 16mm2 are produced with standard lines.
HFFR and XLPE insulation materials are used on the line. But lines are also able to use PE and PVC materials which enables lines to work with a huge production flexibility to produce a wide range and different types of cables.

What is Solar (PV) Cable?

Solar energy has an important position within renewable energy resources with a rising trend.
In a solar power plant, the cables most exposed to external influences are the solar (PV) cables on the DC side. So, what conditions are expected from a solar (PV) cable?
• 25 years life-time
• AC:1kV, DC:1,5kV
• Fire resistance
o Single Wire Flame Test according to EN 60332-1-2 standard
o Low Smoke Density according to EN 61034-2 standard
o (Light transmittance>70%)
o Halogen-Free according to EN 50525-1, Annex-B standard
• Working temperature (90 ºC)
• Resistance to cold conditions -40ºC
• UV and ozone resistance
• Resistant to nature
• Resistance to pressure
• Resistance to acids
• Flexibility
• Easily distinguishable and colorfast
• Being environmentally friendly

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