Our company is designing and producing single screw extruders for different usages, but mainly for cable extrusion lines. Main parts and specs of our extruders are given below:


With more homogeneous mixing and melting properties, our screws can process a wide range of plastic materials: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PVC, PU, PA, HFFR, etc. Our special design screws have high capacities and material qualities. We are producing our screws from special nitration steel DIN 1.8550 which has surface hardness between 900 and 1050 HV.


We are producing our own barrels in our facility with our machine park. We are producing our barrels from special nitration steel DIN 1.8550 which has surface hardness between 900 and 1050 HV.


We are producing our own gearboxes specially designed for extruders. Main body is from strong casting steel. Gears are produced from special materials that is maximizing working time, minimizing noise and vibration. It has a hardened casting steel compact structure. Designed and produced to work with high torques without any problems. Gearbox has axial bearings that are suitable to work under high pressures and speeds. Bearings are placed in the front side of the gearbox in order to ease the maintenance process.

Heating and Cooling Zones

Barrel is heated by speacial barrel nozzle resistances and cooled with high performance raidal fans. Also in case of necessity, necessary zones of screws and barrels also can also be controlled with oil or water systems.

Feeding Zone

With positive high pressure feeding zone, a smooth flow of extrusion materiak is achieved despite the recoil pressure. In the ffeding zone we are using a special groove design. With this design in the end of feeding zone a high pressure is achieved. By this way, performance of extrusion is not affected by head pressure, tools pressure, etc. parameters.

Production Processes

We have 5 axis CNC Machining Center, hole drilling machine, honing machine, horizontal grinding, nitration oven, etc. which are necessary to produce barrels, screws and other mechanical parts neceesary for extruders and cable machines. We also have 3D coordinate measuring machine and all other test tools in our quality control laboratory. We are also producing all electric cabinets and software in our facility. By this way, we can make flexible production and necessary customizations requested from our customers. Also able to control all procedures and progresses during production of machines.

Optional Units

Pressure Sensor
Pressure and Melt Temperature Sensor
Masterbach Dosing Unit (Single or Dobule)
Catalyst Dosing Unit
Hopper Loader
Raw Material Dryer (Surface Humudity)
Raw Material Dryer with Silicagel

Or.No.TypeScrew Dia. (mm)Length/Dia. RateMax Screw  Speed(rpm)Max Tork (kNm)Motor Power (kW)Heating ZonesTotal Heating Power(kW)Max Barrel Pressure (bar)
1EX 3030241400,355,8044,401000
2EX 45452413522246,901000
3EX 6060241204484121000
4EX 8080241005664191000
5EX 1001002490101305271000
6EX 1201202480201665311000
7EX 1501502466282405371000
CAPACITY (Kg/hour)**
Or.No.TypePVC (Density 1,35)LDPEHDPEPAPU
1EX 302115161515
2EX 458051535151
3EX 6014090939090
4EX 80365240245240240
5EX 100560387395387387
6EX 120800575590575575
7EX 1501000880900880880

** Important Note: Data given above are for standard units and only for informative purposes. In case machines are procured in a line configuration, according to technical data and requirements of final product, our company is keeping its rights reserved to make modification on these data without any prior modification.

For Information and Requests

For detailed information, your questions and requests please contact us. Our sales team will reply you in the shortest time.